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Name: Bač, Hamman
Municipality: Bač
Location (place, town, city): Bač
Institute: Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia
Regional institute: Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Novi Sad
Date of inscription in the CR: 24.02.1995
Category: Immovable cultural monuments
Type: Cultural monument
Year/period of construction: 1529-1687

Hammam in the centre of Bač is valuable testimony to the times of the Ottoman rule in Vojvodina. It was most probably built after 1578, as Evli Çelebi mentioned on his visit to Bač in 1665. According to the archaeological finds, there were six rooms in the hammam (halvat – a waiting room with a cloakroom; sadirvan – a bathroom: hazna – a water tank; kulhan – a boiler/furnace room). It is partially demolished, but a section of the dome over the central rooms has been preserved. The first excavations were done by Dr Imre Hanzelman in 1870 and 1872, then in 1910 by Dr Posta Bela, and in 1970 and 1972 modern investigation and conservation works were performed.